Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the Innisfil Farmers' Market Committee and vendors on their Entrepreneu
Things for the kids throughout the season. Special events have even more great activities
A variety of lettuce from the greenhouse waiting to be planted in the fields.
One of our local vendors shows us carrots grown in his field.
A field of beets will soon make it to the market.
Fresh berries, almost ready for picking.
There is beauty in the foods we eat. Fresh cabbage found in the field.
Site visits found beans just waiting to be picked.
Fresh dug potatoes.
Tomatoes from the field just waiting to ripen.
Greenhouse cucumbers.
Swiss Chard just waiting to be brought to the market.
On a site visit a variety of peppers could be found growing in the greenhouse.
During a site visit zucchini were found in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.
Site visits are to conducted to ensure the products are grown locally. Apples are shown h
A variety of healthy sprouts.
Even Innisfil Councillors enjoy the "tastes of the market".
Special Events are held throughout the season and offer something a chance t
Family entertainment 2015 included a little magic and some balloon animals.
Musical entertainment every week.
There is something for everyone.
Everyone loves to have their face painted.
A rainbow of peppers.
Fresh peaches and nectarines, sweet and juicy.
Apples fresh from the you have a variety of apple in mind? Come see us.
Fresh leeks, carrots and beautiful beets in a variety of colours with tasty tops.
Corn, carrots, mini potatoes picked fresh for the market.
Fresh mushrooms, radishes, lettuce, onions.
Check out what is products are becoming available all of the time.
Peppers, potatoes, cucumbers and more...
Fall mums ready to be planted or decorate your home.
Great tastes during every season.
True tastes of the Market include preserves.
We have VQA wine.
A variety of fresh vegetables each week.
Fruits of the season!
Great taste with smoked and cured meats.
Old family recipes provide the best meat pies, quiches, shepherd's pie and lasagna.
Fresh popped on site popcorn in a variety of flavours.
What is more Canadian than maple syrup? And it can be found locally. Try some great mapl
Wonder what happens with the fruit that doesn't make it to the market? Try some of t
Honey provides a great base for a variety of products.
Barbequed foods and sweets made just for you.
Breads and baked goods from our local bakeries.
Butter tarts, pies and brownies. We have your sweet tooth covered.
Products from the field.
You too can grow beautiful plants, just take one home.
Grow you own herbs and flowers. We got them started for you.
A great selection of produce to chose from.
Hanging baskets or sunflowers? Plant them or buy them ready to use? So many choices.
Berries and flowers.
A variety of bath products, lotions and body products...they smell good enough to eat, but
Yes, we have meat raised naturally free from steroids, preservatives and antibiotics . Ju