Dickey Bee Honey

Dickey Bee Honey is a 4th generation business.

The love of bees started in the early 1930’s by George Dickey (Peter’s great-grandfather) from Delhi, Ontario then his grandfather Thomas Dickey took over in the late 1940’s and then passed down to Edward Dickey (Peter’s father) who moved the business to Brampton in the 50’s with about 75 hives. When Peter’s father could no longer care for the bees, Peter stepped in and relocated the operation to his home town of Innisfil, Ontario in the early part of 2000.

Local honey is a natural, unrefined, sweet fluid produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers. It contains important vitamins and nutrients – such as Vitamin A,B,C,D and K along with niacin, riboflavin, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc but honey’s health benefits don’t stop there as it also contains flavonoids and phenolic acids which act as antioxidants which keep bad bacteria away.

The Honey Bee, although small, play a very significant role in food, farming and the environment. The bees and the beekeeping industry are of the utmost importance to the health and vitality of Canada’s agricultural industry and the country’s economy. Honey Bees play an indispensable role in the pollination our essential crops, in fact, honeybees are responsible for the health of $170 million worth of crops in Ontario each year.

We need to work very diligently to protect our bee’s existence, crops and the environment. We have the healthiest bees - in the cleanest environment, and Canadian honey is the most delicious in the world.

Enjoy all the benefits local honey can do for you!

Website: www.dickeybeehoney.com
Address: 4031 3rd Line Cookstown, Ontario. L0L 1L0
Email: dickeybeehoney@bell.net
Phone: 705-458-1258


  • Liquid honey - wildflower & buckwheat
  • Creamed honey - wildflower & buckwheat
  • Comb honey
  • Honey butter with cinnamon
  • Bee pollen
  • Sauces - honey bbq, honey garlic, honey mustard
  • Honey lime & balsamic vinagrettes
  • Honey & aloe hand cream
  • Honey & shea body lotion
  • Honey & vanilla body wash
  • Honey soap
  • Lip balms
  • Honey & coconut foaming hand soap
  • Propolis - throat spray
  • Little bee baby cream
  • Beeswax tapers - 8" & 10"
  • T-lites, ear candles
  • Maple syrup products, decadent chocolates
  • Honey roasted peanuts & almonds
  • Honey & health gift baskets