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What happens when you find something that you are so passionate about, you just have to share it with the world? That’s what Everything Maple & More from Ontario, is all about. We’re passionate about maple. Canada produces over 85% of all of the world’s maple syrup. It’s a part of our heritage. So, it’s only natural that we’d want to find new ways of using it. That’s what we do! We make sustainable, renewable, close to home products based on pure maple syrup. As a former caterer, and chocolatier, Tracy knew she’d have fun with maple. Ten years ago, Everything Maple’s Barbeque Sauce was born. With just the right balance of terrific spices, garlic, tomato and a wholesome serving of 40% real maple, we knew we had a hit! Tracy took it on the road, and catered meals of Barbequed Beef, whole turkeys, & ribs slathered in the stuff, and wonder of wonders, others thought it was terrific too! We threw it into a bottle, and have been going ever since. Kids wanted more heat, so Yikes was born, adding heat to the original recipe, and when her son said, ‘mom, you can do better, Fury, & Extreme Fury were born.

The pursuit of good health has forced many of us to take a closer look at what we are eating. Pure Maple Syrup has fewer calories than sugar or honey, more calcium per gram than milk, more antioxidants than green tea or broccoli, and has minerals and is all natural, with no fat. This inspired a line of zero fat salad dressings. Imagine nice juicy berries, poppy seeds, fresh lemons, and peppercorns swimming in maple with a touch of vinegar, dancing over your salad greens. Simply exquisite! How about maple syrup, mangoes, fresh lemons, oranges and grapefruit skipping through your mesclun mix? Or, neat trick, glazing your salmon or favourite fish or chicken. The next dressing, Add a Little Love, came from the perfect marriage of maple, garlic and parmesan, like its little brother, Maple Roasted Garlic Dip Sauce. Who’d of thunk it? Maple and Roasted Garlic doing the Tango, but it works! You want to impress your friends with something deliciously new, give it a try. We’ve also developed one of the richest Balsamic Glazes ever to be found. Tracy blended the smoothness of pure maple with the rich, pungent flavour of real balsamic vinegar, then we took away some of the water .… ummmm, Maple Balsamic Reduction is the glorious result. Use it on meat, salads, rice pilafs, couscous or just as a dip. The maple takes the edge off of the balsamic, but leaves all of the taste. Hot Maple Mustard followed easily. Hot enough to keep your sinuses open for a month, this little guy kicks up the heat a notch or two.

You’re just going to love Maple Pomegranate Fig, Maple Sweet Onion & Feta, Maple Horseradish Jelly, Maple Crème Caramel Sauce with Toasted Pecans, scrumptious Maple Cranberry Peach Chutney, Maple Red Pepper Jelly, Seedless Maple Raspberry Jam, Maple Mango Madness, Fruit of the Forest. We have over 100 very different, but very wonderful, sauces, dressings, & jams. These products are made with love and care and are a way of nurturing your family. They make ordinary, extraordinary, and add class to any meal. After all, it’s Maple; what’s not to love!

You can find us at www.everythingmaple.ca


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